That’s So Vintage…

The perfect internship for a vintage girl



Jessica Heard, a senior Merchandising major, had no idea that when she walked into her favorite local vintage shop, Circa 77, she would be offered an internship. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to land your dream internship. Jess is one of the lucky ones. Her unique personality and style can’t go unseen which is why she was the perfect person for the job when she was hired to help manage the small Denton vintage shop on The Square. She has a bright future ahead of her and had great advice for those interested in obtaining an intern or looking to flourish at their current intern position.

Did you have any experience in fashion prior to attending UNT?

“I took some classes in high school that were career classes centered around Fashion Merchandising. But I just love clothes in general!”   

What do you like most about fashion merchandising?

“I think it’s cool that there is a job, if you want to go into buying, that you could be a professional shopper. There is also a lot of opportunities available for fashion merchandising majors that I never knew about. It was really interesting to learn about all the things you could do in merchandising.”


Jessica stands out front of Circa 77, where she had the opportunity to intern for a unique store full of a wide array of vintage collections.

Where did you intern?

“I had an internship with this vintage store in the square and I would rearrange the store, and help with buying. If someone came in the store and they wanted to consign I would help decide if the piece would fit our store’s brand and if the item was good or worth buying from the customer. It was fun! I got to help people decide and chose what they wanted or gave people ideas and advice. If they came in the store needing something I would go find what they were looking for.”

Where did you hear about the internship? What led you to them?

‘Well, I just went in the store because I always liked the store prior to getting an internship and I just asked her if she needed help around the store or anything and then she told me that she was looking for an intern!”

What did you learn from your internship?

“Social Media is really important. Especially nowadays companies are really focused on social media. It’s really important that you have a Facebook and Instagram and that you are doing things within the social media world for your company. I helped out with the shop’s Instagram account and Facebook posts.”

Did interning at Circa 77 change your style in anyway?

“Everything I wear is comfortable, but I also have vintage flair! Especially after working at Circa 77! I definitely have a lot of vintage in my closet.”


Jessica with owner Janie Shoto, who she worked under while interning at Circa 77

Any interest pertaining to fashion outside of your major?

“Oh yeah! I really like photography. I have a photography business. I am merchandising major, but I am not sure if it’s exactly what I want to do right after I graduate, maybe more so later in life. I really like real estate. I love everything about real estate and I am going to work on getting my real estate license.”

Anything interesting you want to add or any advice for people looking for internships?

“Make sure whatever you decide to do that you are with a company that you like and that the company is a good fit for you.”


Jessica wearing a pink Lame 1980’s Victor Costa gown, while lounging in a blue velvet 1950’s wingback chair.

Jess provides inspiration to those wanting their fashion careers to be a job that they wake up loving to go to and not just settling for unhappiness. She has a diverse background in more than just fashion and has great advice for those wishing to be the best at whatever they choose in life.

Words by Rikki Willingham

Photos by Chloe Gonzalez

Edit by Taylar Gomez and Carolina Gonzalez

Captions by Jacqui Simses

Click below for more photos from the shoot.


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