Logan Fowler, The Triple Threat

A girl with multiple titles

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Logan Fowler, UNT Fashion Design major with beloved dog, Archie

         Who defines fashion right now? What kind of people are going to leave a new legacy in the industry? Who will be the Chiara’s, Karlie’s, and Miuccia’s of our generation? People like Logan Fowler sure have the potential to do so.  Logan is a Junior in UNT’s rigorous fashion design program with quite the resume to back herself up. She is successful in more than one area of the fashion and retail industry. As the industry changes, it’s becoming harder and harder to excel at just one thing. One needs to have multiple skills.  At the age of 20, Logan Fowler has mastered design, social media marketing, and modeling. She has designed and sold her own products for her own line, LoLoFowler, modeled for fashion magazines,and has gone to business meetings with Martha Stewart.  

        As I walked into Logan’s apartment, I felt like I was stepping into posh Austin boutique. Upon entering, I was welcomed in by her maltipoo, Archie, and a sweet smile. She sat me down on her couch next to her beautiful Vogue magazine collection, and we began to chit chat. Immediately, I felt right at home talking about anything with her.

Now, tell me about your clothing line, LoloFowler.

“I am from Austin, and when I went back to Austin during the summer,  I was looking for a job because I wanted to learn more. Every interview I was told I couldn’t be hired because they weren’t hiring for a seasonal position. So, my parents were like, you have to make money somehow, and so I just thought maybe…. I made the website before I made the brand, and I went to the fabric store and bought fabric. I just did it, and it turned out to be super successful. I sold my clothing at a boutique in Austin, and I got some manufacturer’s contacts, so I thought about maybe getting in touch with them.”

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“Style is everything. Everyone has their own style. I view everyone’s outfit as art.”

Style is everything. Everyone has their own style. Everyone is stylish. I view style as somebody’s interpretation of their own identity. I view everyone’s outfits as art, and that’s what they want to be seen as.

So, I’ve seen on your modeling portfolio on your website. How did you get started doing modeling?

When I was younger, my mom would photograph me and my brother a lot. She would tell us to make different emotions like a mad face, or scared face, etc. As I grew older, I was more comfortable in front of the camera, and began to do photoshoots with photographers. It started out as something fun, and then once I had a good background of different types of shoots, I put together a portfolio. Now, I do it as a side job, or I collaborate with other artists. I’ve had two magazine spreads so far. One for Dreamless Magazine which is based in London, and Elegant Magazine which is based in California. I have another one coming up in December for an LA based magazine called Local Wolves.

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“I wanted to design in order to teach women or men that there’s no standard of dress. It’s your identity, and it should reflect who they are.”

Now, I’ve seen your website and the work you’ve done for Cru. Could you tell me a little bit about that?

Cru is a dinnerware company in Austin. I got an internship with the owner because she wanted a creative. Of course, dinnerware is nothing like fashion, I learned so much about small business for creative design. With the company, I took a trip to New York, and it was quite stressful. Two days before, she asked the other intern and I to put together a PowerPoint presentation that we’d present in front of buyers at Bed Bath and Beyond, Martha Stewart, and Macy’s. She said to us, “honestly, life is going to throw things at you. Especially when you’re starting off a business.”

My first time in New York, I was in meetings with Martha Stewart, and Bed Bath & Beyond, and it was a really strange experience. When I worked with Martha Stewart, in her studio was an industrial style kitchen with lights all around displayed like a cooking show, and  into the next room, there’s a whole wall of mood board inspiration.

What influences your style and how you design? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My style is always changing, and I think my style and my design are really different. My style as a designer is minimalistic and kind of more artistic. My style, on how I dress, honestly it changes. Though, I feel like anyone can say that their style changes. I like to buy separate pieces, so that when I’m dressing, it’s like a piece of art.

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“The millennial is really changing the industry and the world. We have so many outside of the box ideas.

Do you follow trends?

So, the whole reason in high school why I decided that I wanted to go into fashion design was because I started branching out with my style. I was doing things that most girls weren’t doing. Girls would come up to me and say “I wish I could pull that off,” and I was so frustrated. Every time I told them they don’t have to wear baggy shirts and Nike shorts. They can buy the same stuff I do. So, I wanted to design in order to teach women or men that there’s no standard of dress. It’s your identity, and it should reflect who you are. My style is just an evolution.

So, what’s next for Logan Fowler?

“I am Looking for an internship right now. I really want to intern in England at a men’s suit shop. I am really interested in menswear because the fashion design program doesn’t offer menswear.”

Who’s your favorite menswear designer?

“I don’t think I have a favorite designer. My favorite designer always changes because each collection changes, but right now I really enjoy Christopher Bailey and the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. I’m really interested in tailoring and men’s suits, so that’s what’s inspiring me right now.

So, where do you want to be in 15 years?

I would love to have my own shop. I really want to do this a coffee shop, local art, and clothing shop combined because I love interacting with people, and the more people that come in, the more I get inspired.  

Who’s your favorite blogger and why?

There’s actually someone from my high school. Her name is Ali Kate on Instagram, and I think it’s really cool because of the millennial era. I think it’s neat to follow people your own age. That’s also what I love about UNT because it’s such an art school, and everyone’s so creative. They’re all so young, and you can see that they’re going to go places. The millennial is really changing the industry and the world. We have so many outside of the box ideas. So, it’s cool to follow her because she’s young, and she’s just starting off.

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“As I’ve been here at UNT, I’ve met so many people with awesome talents that inspire me as a designer to design more and push myself more.”

Is there anything you would change about the fashion industry?

Yes. I think that young girls interpret some of the things celebrities are wearing as something that could be negative to their appearance because they might look at a celebrity and think, “I need to look like that,” and that’s really hard because there’s a lot of things people misinterpret. For instance, Gucci came out with a line that had something similar to the Muslim traditional dress, the face wrap, the hijab. There’s a lot of conflict because some see it as someone taking tradition and making it fashionable. But, as designers we see it as something that inspires us, and what this means to us. Often, there’s a clash or conflict between fashion. It’s hard to tell people that because everyone sees fashion as their own interpretation. There’s a lot of miscommunication in the fashion industry.

How has UNT shaped you into who you are today?

Oh, it’s really changed me. Like I said before, North Texas is an amazing art school. When I was applying to schools for fashion design, I was looking at schools like FIT, Pratt, and schools that are strictly fashion schools, and my parents told me that they were unsure if they wanted me living in New York my first year of college. They said, “why don’t you try the fashion program at North Texas, and if you still want to go back, you’re able to.”

As I’ve been here at UNT, I’ve met so many people with awesome talents that inspire me as a designer to design more and push myself more. I’m just really thankful because people inspire me the most, and when you meet people that are also passionate about their talents, it really pushes me.

Do you have any advice for anyone that wants to be industry or where you are right now?

Yea, do it! Go for it! Really, if you just go for it, you’re going to learn so much from your experiences. If you want to go into fashion, but you feel like you don’t know enough, you can always keep learning. I think if you just throw yourself into what you’re passionate about, that’s the only way to be successful.

Logan Fowler is the type of person that will be able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to thanks to her talent, work ethic, and unique sense of style. I can’t wait to see where she goes from here. Wherever it is, I know she’ll stay true to herself and continue to evolve!

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“If you just throw yourself into you’re passions, that’s the only way to be successful”

Visit Logan’s site, Loganfowler.com and follow Logan on Instagram @Lolofowler

Words by: Miles Cantrell

Photos by: Jacob Ostermann

Edit by: Taylar Gomez, Carolina Gonzalez, and Maia Wilson

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Inside Logan’s apartment


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