Ashley Does Anthropologie

A UNT Senior gets a styling education in Philadelphia.


Ashley Nudge is a senior pursuing a Merchandising and Digital Retailing double major at UNT. Last summer, she landed a competitive spot as a stylist intern for Anthropologie in Philadelphia. From that experience, Ashley has a lot of wisdom about styling as a career and how to be sure you get the internship of your dreams.

Q: What was the application and interview process like for getting the internship?

A: For the styling position you have to put together a trend board and submit your resume. Then you go on to the video interview, which was terrifying, and really awkward. I thought I had ruined it after that. But I passed that round, and after that I had to fly out to Philadelphia and do an in-person interview with the two full-time stylists with Anthropologie.


As an intern, what did you do on a typical day?

To be honest, my job was very repetitive but I enjoyed it because the company was a good culture fit for me. On a daily basis I was doing the role of assistant stylist, so I was supporting the full-time stylists. On shooting days, my job was to make sure each outfit was in the fitting room for the model, and enter in all the product information from the outfits for the website.

Did anything about being an intern for Anthropologie really surprise you?

I knew when I applied that Urban Inc. is a very laid-back company, but I was really surprised by just how casual they were. The things they said to each other were really funny and shocking, but that’s what makes the company so great, is that you can be who you are and say what you want and it’s okay.


What advice would you give to students looking for an internship?

You have to know yourself. That’s why I think organizations like Merch Inc. are really beneficial to be a part of, because you get exposed to so many different careers. If you’re a “yes person” and you go to everything, eventually you will figure out what you’re passionate about, and once you know that you can determine what type of internship you should pursue.


I saw on your website you had to create a lookbook at your internship. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

At Urban Inc., you do an intern project. But since Urban Inc. is all about creativity, they basically told us to do whatever we wanted. Since I was in Philadelphia, it just made sense for me to do a “what to wear, where” type of lookbook. It showcased outfits that would be appropriate to wear to different locations in Philadelphia.

Was there a defining moment for you during your internship?

The moment I got really interested in styling, was when I was helping assisting at a photoshoot, and I just fell in love with the whole studio environment. When I walked into the studio the first day at Urban Inc. it was just like that. Just that moment of realizing styling what I’m meant to do was really fulfilling.

Did you get to implement your personal style at all in your internship?

You would think because I was doing a styling internship I would get to style but I didn’t. They have to get through 30 outfits in one day, and that doesn’t sound like a lot but it is. Looking back, I understand why they didn’t let us because I’m not as fast at dressing the model –  it really is a skill.

Did you have any obstacles you had to overcome during the internship?

The initial obstacle was having a job that was so repetitive. It was really frustrating at first, because you go to an internship expecting to learn so much, especially at a top-notch company like Anthropologie. I just needed to process it and realize I had an important role and was supporting my teammates, and once I got that through my head it was easier.

photo5 Ashley will be graduating in May of 2017, and will be looking to work as a stylist either at Anthropologie or another company that suits her. She also plans to expand as much as possible with her website, “The Ashley Edit.” Interviewing her was a fantastic and eye-opening experience, and I know she’ll bring great creativity and passion to the fashion industry.

Find Ashley on Instagram @theashleyedit and visit her blog

Words by Reilly Farris

Edit by Taylar Gomez and Carolina Gonzales

Photos from Ashley Nudge

Graphic Design by Kathryn Washington


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