Getting to Know HerPersonatalie

An Impeccable Actress with Enviable Style


Natalie takes a big bite of something sweet at Denton’s famous, Beth Marie’s

Emerging actor and host, Natalie Szczechowski has interests outside of the theater world that include blogging and enhancing her personal style. She is involved in North Texas Television(NTTV)and previously hosted Late Night. She was also an executive producer for The Writer’s Room. Along with NTTV, Natalie has her personal blog,, where her incomparable sense of style immediately caught my eye. It is exactly what you would think… a chic, well put together collection of all the things that make Natalie, well Natalie.

I got the chance to sit down with Natalie and ask her a few questions about her unique style and grand ambitions as a #GIRLBOSS.  

Since you’re interested in acting, hosting and fashion, what would your dream job be/do you want to try and fuse all three together? It is my goal to be a Comedic writer and eventually go on to write for Saturday Night Live. Acting is like my “meditation”. I love getting to partake in anything with a dramatic role. As for fashion, it’s something that I have always loved and will continue to do on the side.


On set and in her element at NTTV studios

Who are some of your acting idols?

My idols include Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

What goes through your mind when you are get dressed in the morning?

When I first wake up and go to my closet my immediate thought is, “I have absolutely nothing to wear!!!” but then I’m like of course I do, that’s crazy. So my next thought is, “What vibe do I want to give off today?” or I’ll dress to reflect the mood I want to have that day.


Prepping for her hosting gig, The Late Show

Do the garments that you choose aim to say anything specific?

Not really… I know people will formulate opinions and snap judgements of my character by what I am wearing, but I don’t let that stop me from wearing something that I love.

What is your infallible styling tip?

All black everything! You can never go wrong with a monochromatic look, also, always have a go-to classic pair of denim jeans and tee shirt that make you feel confident when you wear them.


What is the one garment that never lets you down?

My Boyfriend jeans as well as my distressed/high waisted denim because I can dress them up or down with boots or heels.

What is your best shopping tip?

Don’t buy the item unless you absolutely “love, love, love” it. Start by creating your “closet army” (items of clothing that you will never grow tired of..even if it takes weeks/months/years to accumulate, it will be worth it), and if you are in the store and you can think of multiple ways to wear that garment with items you already have then I say go for it!


The perfect denim and tee combo makes for a happy Natalie


What style or item makes you feel the most yourself? Why?

Definitely my boyfriend jeans and a tee-shirt, just because it is so comfortable and makes me feel like a Girl Boss!

At what point in your life did you really start to come into your own terms of personal style?

A couple of years ago, around the time of my sophomore year in high school. I am really inspired by menswear and GIRL BOSSES. Like I said I have always been super into fashion, but more recently I have refined it down to be more of what I think are comfortable/classic pieces that make me feel the most confident.


Natalie’s life advice to young girls/fellow students:

DO IT!!!! If you have a feeling that you should go after something don’t wait, just do it! Natalie has found that at UNT, the people she has met on campus have really encouraged and empowered her to go after her dreams. It is something that she admires about attending the university, so she urges you to reach out to your peers because they really can help you out more than you can imagine and hope for.


Focused in the editing room as the executive producer of The Writer’s Room

Natalie’s personal style is a play on comfort with just the right amount of daring. From my conversation with her, it was apparent it’s achievable to dress comfortably while still wearing some of today’s trends. With her quick wit and fearless sense of style I expect to see her on SNL’s Weekend Update delivering the news and the latest trends. She is an extremely talented and creative person, who is equally kind and genuine. With these skills and assets, the NuView team cannot wait to see where this world takes her.


Follow Natalie on instragram @herpersonatalie and visit her blog,

Words by Bailey Womack

Photography by Chloe Gonzalez

Edit and Captions by Maia Wilson

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One thought on “Getting to Know HerPersonatalie

  1. Noema says:

    I found this article interesting from start to finish. Very well written and proud that our UNT has interest in so many diverse choices. Please continue to report on the many faces and interest of our young women . Aim high ladies


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