Outdoor Voice


There’s a simple moment in everyone’s life (whether they’ve lived it or not), where they have an epiphany of finally understanding who they are. It’s as if a weight is lifted off their shoulders and they are able to stand a little taller because they know why they act the way they do, what they truly love and what separates them from everyone else. It’s in that moment some people take that new understanding, accept it, but keep it deep inside. Others take the knowledge in and openly vocalize their new found purpose. These are the people we, at NuView, listen to. As a cohesive team, we are always looking for those individuals to interview, shoot, and partner with. Each person that we cover and content that we post this month, there is a strong story behind the uniqueness and unashamed attitude they posses.

Our generation is known for its narcissistic patterns and though I deny being categorized under this egotistical title, I believe there is truth in being so in love with oneself that there is no thought of changing one’s identity. To contrast, the only way for one’s outlook on individualism to actually be heard is if outsiders, the people who see diversity or incongruity, are willing to listen. Whether it is a girl who mixes her two opposed passions while at college, or a designer who creates clothes for real women, not models, or even a band that comes from different backgrounds to make music they love— as society we must understand that these people only succeed if we accept their distinctiveness.

There’s an up and coming activewear company called Outdoor Voices that founded their name on the common act of a mother telling a child, who is being loud to use their “indoor voice,” but the child just can’t contain their excitement. This phrase is still relatable now because we are still told, as young adults into our elder years to contain our feelings, passions, and beliefs. I think it’s finally time to disrupt the stillness and hear everyone’s roar (not to reference Katy Perry’s best selling song).

This month we hope to neglect those tiny voices and listen to the ones that are so loud it hurts. From the people we interview to the ideas we write, we refuse to minimize their voices and our own. When reading the issue throughout the following thirty days, remember to welcome the differences and accept the fact that we are not all the same, for if we were, there would only be silence.


Art by Michelle Hinojosa (Follow Michelle on Instagram at @michelle_josa)


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