Feeling the Denim Blues?

5 unique and easy ways to take your denim to the next level

photo-1We all have that favorite pair of denim jeans that we wear constantly and we will probably never grow tired of. That one pair of jeans that you will have to pry out of our hands once they are too far gone, you know… that point where it’s no longer socially acceptable to wear them. But what about all the other pairs of jeans we have hanging in our closets? The ones we bought and never wear anymore because we are bored of them? What do we do with those? We get to work!


Here are 5 ideas to get you in the mood:

Look One – Don’t Cringe… Fringe!


Cut thin strips around the ankle of the denim (they will fray further after washing) then unleash your inner Picasso and use fabric paint to create your own print that is unique to you, here is where you can get super creative. Let it dry for 72 hours, then toss in the wash!



Look Two – Ripped off


You will not believe how easy this one is! Edward Scissorhands will be asking YOU for advice once you finish these jeans. Cut one hole along the left thigh and another on the right knee. Wash/Dry. To take the look one step further slip on a pair of fishnet tights.


Look Three – Bat Those Lashes


For this look first use chalk to sketch out the lashes then take fabric paint and a thin brush to trace over the chalk to create perfect eyelashes. The pocket embellishment was created by simply turning the jeans inside out and cutting out every part of the pocket. The hem on the bottom was completed by cutting out a rectangular shape along the inner ankle.


Look Four – Take A Bow


Grab some ribbon in your color of choice, cut two tiny holes, slip the ribbon through and tie a bow. Use a dot of glue to insure that the bow stays in its place. Apply this technique to add as many bows as your heart desires.


Look Five – I’m Not a Wrapper


Take one of your summer scarves and transition it into Fall by inserting the scarf into the belt loops of your jeans. Tie it in a bow, tie it in a knot, tie it however you want!



We hope this article inspires you to go out and create your own special pair of denim! Don’t forget to share your beautiful creations on social media with the hashtag #nuviewmagazine. We cannot wait to see what you make!


Words by Bailey Womack

Edit by Maia Wilson

Photography by Michaela Bull

Models: Chloe Gonzales, Bailey Womack, Andrea Grant, Kimmy Schram, and Sarah Mohring

View more from this denim shoot below

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