Welcome to the Snow Globe

By Maia Wilson

Clean, white snow falling from the sky for the first time this season often brings joy to everyone it lands on. Yes, I know snow may not be coming anytime soon in this bipolar Texas weather, but imagine with me. Have you ever thought about how many individuals are touched by snow? Thousands, millions of people all over the world from different cultures being delighted by the unique flakes that melt on their skin each year.
This time of year, for many of us, as for the team at NuView. brings a heartfelt nostalgia of the memories we have created throughout the holidays. From seasonal decorations to holiday music to sweater weather, and to the warmest times with loved ones, that is what this time of year is all about. But have you ever wondered about other countries? What this time means to them? Or, even people who live in America and keep their ancestors’ traditions alive? That’s what we want to furthermore explore because knowing more is what we strive for. The articles written for this month depict these provoking thoughts such as an article covered by Rikki Willingham about the diverse perspectives of students at UNT on their holiday festivities from their personal heritage.
Since the holidays are about traditions we also want to begin to make our own traditions in the magazine by creating a community within our evermore increasing team of influencers. This pool of talented influencers includes independent photographers, videographers, stylists and inspiring subjects we have and within this month, will cover. We plan to share these incredible moments with you.
As for those who experience hardships throughout the Winter holidays, we have high wishes that the words read and photos seen will be nothing but utmost encouragement and optimistically a fabulous distraction. For December’s next week and a half (finals are coming and requires an ample amount of studying time from our team), there will be an abundance of content contributed to compensate for our end-of-month holiday absence. And to leave, whatever it is that you celebrate and whoever you celebrate with, we hope there are fond memories that arise for you this holiday season.

Photography by Kylie Hull in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Follow Kylie Hull on Instagram @kyliedelane and visit her site at



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