Short vids on how to stay warm and still look trendy this Holiday season

Winter is here and inevitably there is no way to ignore the cold weather. Layering is always a go-to for battling the cold during this time of year, but that doesn’t mean this technique of putting on clothes has to be boring! To stay in vogue with this season’s colors, styles, and popular looks while layering different pieces of clothing is actually, quite simple and requires little extra time to get dressed. So, whether it’s freezing or just a bit nippy, here’s a quick guide on how to layer clothing this holiday season in order to stay warm while looking cute and trendy!




Dusty Cedar Lace Choker

+ Black Knitted Knee-High Socks

+ Black Heeled Booties

+ Sharkskin Grey Bralette

+ Spicy Mustard Mini Dress

+ Potter’s Clay Oversized Knitted Cardigan

+ White and Black Plaid Overcoat

+ Potter’s Clay Fringe Scarf



Black Thin Leather Choker

+White Faux Snakeskin Booties

+ Maroon Deep-V Halter Top Onesie

+ Boyfriend Jeans Rolled Up

+ White Long-Sleeved Criss-Cross Blouse

+ Charcoal Flowy Velvet Cardigan

+ Maroon Leather Moto Jacket

+ Maroon Knitted Beanie



Black Booties

+Dusty Cedar Bralette

+Plum Bohemian-Style Flowy Dress

+ Potter’s Clay Long-Sleeved Blouse

+ Silver Long Wrap-Around Beaded Necklace

+ Sharkskin Grey Faux Fur Jacket

+ Cream Scarf With Plum Colored Design



Brown Leather Booties

+ Black High-Waisted Ripped Jeans

+ Spicy Mustard Cropped Tank

+ Forest Green Knitted Chunky Sweater

+ Cream Cocoon Cardigan

+ Warm Taupe Coat

+ Cream Beanie



Forest Green Beaded Choker

+Black Booties

+ Cream Bralette

+ Charcoal V-Neck Shirt

+ Dark Grey Knitted Beanie

+ Forest Green Knitted Oversized Cardigan

+ Denim Long Loose-Fitted Jacket

+ Army Green Trench Coach



Mustard Knee-High Heeled Boots

+ Pomegranate Ditsy Floral Patterned Velvet Skirt

+Dusty Cedar Bralette

+ White V-Neck Shirt

+Maroon Long Wrap-Around Beaded Necklace

+ Warm Taupe Ribbed Sweater

+ Pomegranate Knitted Beanie

+ Black Leather Moto Jacket


Happy Layering!

Words and Photography by Jacqui Simses

Styling by Jacqui Simses

Edit by Maia Wilson

Models: Haley Mosley, Alyson Sinz, and Monica Shockley


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