With the Winter holidays just around the corner you are probably starting to think of how you can make your “home-away-from-home” feel more festive and cheerful, while simultaneously not breaking your budget. Well we, here at NuView have gathered up some of our favorite ways to decorate for the season.

What You Need:

– Cardboard letters (Hobby Lobby for 99c)

– Yarn

– A branch

– Wooden hoops (can be found at Hobby Lobby for $6-$9)

– Cardstock paper

– Gold paint/brushes

– Christmas tree trimmings (check your local Christmas tree farm to see if they have extra they can spare)

– Twine



Such a joyous time of year: This is a very minimalistic, very chic way to add a little something extra to your gallery wall


Step 1: Paint your branch and cardboard letters with the gold paint and then let them dry completely

Step 2: Tightly tie strands of the yarn in knots around the branch

Step 3: Wrap the twine around the tops of your painted letters, cut twine to get an even length, then tie them to the branch  

Step 4: Glue a little piece of the tree trimming to each letter

Step 5: Take your scissors and trim the yarn along the bottom to give a clean and polished look, to take it one step further you can cut is diagonally or into a triangle-like shape


Not your everyday christmas wreath: Again, this is a very minimalistic, modern, and stylish approach to holiday decor for someone that does not want to have too much clutter, but still wants their home to feel ready for the holiday season. If you are allergic to the real tree, you can always substitute it for fake garland or greenery.


Step 1: Gather up your tree clippings and arrange them in a way that best suits the size of your wooden hoop

Step 2: Tightly weave/wrap the twine through and around the tree clippings and wooden hoop, then tie the twine in a knot to hold the tree clippings firmly into place.  


So painted: A really simple way of achieving that “clean” and “unique to you” way of sprucing up your holiday gallery wall

Step 1: Use the cardstock paper and gold paint to create a simple design; whether it be using your calligraphy skills to write a short and sweet holiday message or just something easy like the christmas tree design I have created, make sure it suits you!

photo-6We here at NuView hope that you have a merry, bright, and stress-free holiday season. As always make sure to tag your DIY creations on social media with, #nuviewmagazine, so we can see what you have created!


Happy Holidays!


Words by Bailey Womack

Photos by Chloe Gonzalez

Edit by Maia Wilson