6 Ways To Fight The Winter Blues

How To Stay Productive and Kill It This Winter Break


After a long and tiring semester, it’s easy to go back to your hometown and want to relax with hot chocolate, reality TV, and forget about school, work, or the future for the time being. While relaxing is important, Winter break is also the prime time to accomplish everything you’ve been too busy to get done during the semester, and prepare yourself for the Spring. Here are a few tips to block your Winter blues, and keep your productivity flowing!


  1.    Give Your Resume a Makeover

While you have a few weeks to breathe, make sure your resume, and any portfolios you have are completely up-to-date. All of those volunteer hours, student organizations, and new job experiences you’ve gained throughout the last few months are important, and it may be time to add some new references. Update your resume now, so it’ll be perfect when opportunities bloom in the Spring!

  1.    Find Your Focus

I know just as well as anyone how easy it is over Winter break to plop down on the couch in front of a Project Runway marathon and waste the entire day. To ensure your days are productive, find a personal workspace somewhere without distractions (maybe in a local coffee shop, or even in your childhood bedroom at home) and take a few hours each day to be alone and work. Make a list of all the things you’ve been meaning to get done, and make it your goal to accomplish at least one thing each day during your allotted work time.


  1.    Love Your Laptop

When it comes to internships, job opportunities, and scholarships, the Internet is your best friend! There are literally thousands of websites out there dedicated exclusively to helping students find resources to build their knowledge and experience – there are even websites specifically made to help fashion majors! When you don’t know what else to do, get online and start browsing. You may find something amazing you didn’t even know existed.

  1.    Get a Scenery Change

Throughout the semester, we spend a lot of time on campus. We go to the same classes every week and see the same professors and students. During the break, you don’t have the same routine. Take advantage! Go check out a museum downtown you’ve been meaning to go to for inspiration, or re-connect and catch up with your high school mentors. Putting yourself out there and meeting new people while also keeping in touch with the people you already know could lead to some incredible opportunities!


  1.    Say Goodbye to Clutter

Set yourself up for success this Spring by getting organized now. Winter break is the time to clean out your backpack, your car, your computer files, your closet; anything and everything cluttering up your life! Get your fresh school supplies, a new 2017 planner, a package of colored pens, and get to work. Make up a system to keep due dates, events, and to-do-lists organized in a way that makes sense to you. By the time the semester starts you’ll feel refreshed, focused, and prepared to take on whatever comes your way.

  1. Give Your Brain A Break

As I mentioned before, relaxation is crucial, and can have a positive effect on your productivity! Take breaks to allow yourself to de-stress and have fun during your holidays. Exercising, spending time with your family, or even doing a little binge watching are all great ways to relax – your brain does need a break sometimes! Take these few weeks to recharge and get ready – there’s a whole new semester coming up: make it your best one yet!


Words by Reilly Farris

Photos by Kylie Hull

Follow Kylie on Instagram on @kyliehull and visit her site at kyliehull.squarespace.com

Edits by Maia Wilson, Carolina Gonzalez, Taylar Gomez


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