5 Valetine’s Day Cards to Show You Care

By: Bennett Brown

Hello Everyone! Long time no see! Nuview is back and better than ever!

As everyone knows, Valentine’s day is coming up and we want to show you our favorite cards from Paper Source to give to a friend or a loved one.

  1. For those who like finding cards again and again

Card in a Drawer Valentine card $3.95card 1.jpeg

2. For the dog lover

Spot in My Heart $4.50  card 2.jpeg

3. For the foodie you love

Brie My Valentine Card $4.50card 3.jpeg

4. For the person you thought you’d never find

Found Each Other Love Card $4.50card 4.jpeg

5. And a shoutout to Moms everywhere

Thanks Mom Valentine card $3.95card 5.jpeg