Blast From The Past

Adele Witt and Taylor Hemby

Fashion goes in cycles- whats old today is new and in style tomorrow. Every season we see the runways fluctuate with element that are both new and some that are familiar. The past few years we have seen boho explode, everything from ditsy floras and blousy tops. There is no denying the 70’s are back. We had the pleasure of going to Texas Fashion Collection and got to see the looks that are hot now in their original form from the 70’s. Annette Becker, director of the Texas Fashion Collective, showed us some truly amazing pieces.

Ms. Becker pulled out 1970’s garments that showcased classic trends from the 1970’s.  She showed us everything from hand stitched patchwork, ethnic-inspired prints, full sleeves, and ‘Little House on the Prairie’ inspired gingham prints. There were also a few pieces, such as the classic Chanel suit that were made new with design elements such as brighter colors and braided trim. One hostess ensemble by Hanae Mori (below) uses Japanese Motifs and vivid colors of green, pink and yellow. All of these pieces contain typical 70’s elements that are now coming back into current fashion trends.


Maxi dresses, popularized by the hippie movement are now a favorite of today’s bohemian girls and are especially popular in the summer and spring. For example, Andrew Zimmerman, an Australian designer, updated maxi dresses of the decade with fresh white, full peasant sleeves, organic lines and mini pearls. Another version, was a turquoise blue halter with feminine ruffles and dark blue paisley designs on the bodice and hem. Gunne Sax, a huge brand from the 1970s is widely credited with being the original hippie maxi dress (below).


Ethnic motifs, prints and silhouettes, popularized by internationally known designers such as Yves Saint Laurent in the 1970’s are also trending for the upcoming warmer season. Saint Laurent also popularized loose flowing blouses in the 70s (see below) and those to are coming back. On the spring 2019 Runway, Chloe used traditional Persian motifs in handkerchief skirts blouses and jumpsuits, giving culturally distinctive prints modern-day high fashion appeal.


Patchwork was original a way of covering up holes and tears in clothes, it was very popular in the 20th centuy before mass production when clothes were more expensive.  It was also a form a og hand needlework mainly practiced by women. Today patchwork is fashion forward and is used in jeans, dresses, skirts and other types of apparel for both men and women. For spring 2019 designers such as Sacai, Coach and Isabel Marant used patchwork in new ways. Marant substituted the spring colors of pink, white and baby blue, while Coach paired denim patches with a brown cowboy-esque fabric on the shoulders. On the street, many young women have taken the style further. Instead of using mainly denim for their patchwork fashion, they are wearing items made from animal print, solid colors, or wool fabric patches.




The 1970’s was an era of freedom and expression, especially in fashion. Previous trends that were seen before as belonging to folk dress, the hippie movement and lower classes became popular among high fashion circles. Today, these trends have resurfaced and become popular along millennial trendsetters from all races, genders, and classes. As a result many popular fashion brands and retailers have embraced this market niche. Classic fashion eras of the past are making a comeback, and who knows which era will inspire the next season?




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