Sofie’s Picks: My Top 4 Fashion Only YouTube Channels

Fashion used to be very prevalent on YouTube. In high school, I was obsessed with Back To School lookbooks. However, trends have changed since then, and the rise of the Beauty Community has overshadowed any need for these kinds of videos. Closet essentials are a thing of the past. For those of you who are still in need of some classic fashion inspiration (myself included), here are my top four fashion channels: (The best part? They all have different forms of content for subscribers with different needs)

By Sofia Greaves

Best dressed (Ashley)

Let’s start this off with a fellow (recently graduated) college student. The concepts of her videos are pretty general and helpful for those who are interested in making their daily outfits a little more elevated for everyday occasions such as: class, dates, and lunch with friends, just to name a few. Plus, she emphasizes the importance of thrifting and sustainability. My favorite videos by her are “How to build an outfit”, “50 OUTFITS for when you have nothing to wear”, and “10 WAYS TO (re)WEAR A DRESS.

In Certain light-

ICL is a London Based street style channel that was made to promote the physical blog Videography is done by Joanna Theodorou and she has been regularly filming the unique high end street style from all the major European fashion weeks since 2014, as well as covering the off duty styles of notable models. You get a sense of what is going to be trendy and what will trickle down to mass market just from seeing major influential people like Eva Chen [seen above in red], Alexa Chung, and Romee Strijd in these videos.

Frugal Aesthetic-

While mainly targeting men, this entertaining channel by Christian Vui does cater to anyone who is even remotely into creative streetwear. He makes his content easy to follow with pictures being shown as he discusses certain topics with voice-overs. On this channel you will find an abundance of How-To’s: How to find your style, learn ways to wear a hoodie, and how to style white sneakers are a few of his. Guy or girl, his channel is a good start for learning how to organize your personal style with basics and clothing you definitely already have.


The incredible videography in all of their lookbooks makes them feel like ad campaigns. The videos alone are just aesthetically pleasing. There isn’t a lot of commentary, but it’s the music along with video that inspires you to put on your fiercest outfit. Getting ready for work, school, or a day or night out has never been easier since they cover all of these occasions. Julia Dang is a mastermind of street style. Recently, she has been mixing high-end accessories with thrifted/easily accessible pieces, giving access to a wide range of people and their budgets. Back when Maya was apart of the channel, together they made outfits that use trendy pieces in a way where a 2016 back to school lookbook could be worn today and not feel dated. They also know how to have fun with their style, and their summer lookbook captures the essence of the season.

No matter how vastly different these channels are, they all have one thing in common: they commit to their confidence. They used basic necessities as a platform, and trend pieces as a bold statement. What makes them unique are in the details, and if you check out their videos you will see how each of them make their own rules and use getting dress as a reason to leave the house a do something great. They are determined to make A Bigger Boom, just like Nuview is this month



Being bold isn’t a cry for attention, people staring at you isn’t always a bad thing, following all the latest fashion trends doesn’t make you a sheep, or unoriginal, but ignoring what’s trendy doesn’t make you a rebel. Lastly, confidence can be fake at first because eventually, with time, it won’t be. This month, let’s be loud and obnoxious, let’s be “extra” in the best way possible!

Here at Nu View, our goal is always to impress and inform our readers. This month, we will be doing that with the utmost tenacity. The articles featured this month will be about YouTube channels that are strictly fashion, statement pieces, swimwear that’s making a splash, a study on Versace, and all the latest patterns and fashion fabrics. This month, boredom has created a new mindset, new concepts are funded by free time, “extra” is a state of mind, and the innovators lead fashion.

Do you remember that quote by Coco Chanel, “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off,” well, this month, put 5 things on. If you don’t think something matches, but you love it, wear it anyway, take chances.  This month started with fireworks and a celebration of freedom, let’s keep that going. With July comes the freedom to think creatively, try new things, ignore restraint, discover what you like through trial because there is no error, and next month will be your metamorphosis. “Extra” is a synonym for confidence, and this month we show you 50 shades of “extra”. Last month started and ended with a bang, but July will be A Bigger Boom!


-Don and Sofia