Evolving from a newsletter in 2013 to an e-zine to a blog, NuView is taking a stance in the online magazine realm. It is a segment linked to the larger organization of Merchandising Incorporated at University of North Texas. The team publishes articles on fashion, career, style, music, photography and more in intriguing written and art forms. Articles are published three times a week with a monthly editor’s letter and fashion editorial.

We collaborate with students at UNT and youth in the DFW area, noting that infusing ideas is the best way to create something truly great. We also look to professionals in the interested industry for wisdom as we jump start our own careers in the fashion world.

Our Mantra is this…

We are DISCONTENT. Unsatisfied with staying where we are, we want to discover the people who are succeeding, whether on-campus or in the real world, so we can be inspired to improve in our own careers.

We are CURIOUS. We aim to uncover what has not been talked about and use our voices to express the unknown images, people, and job positions.We bring attention to students who are making their mark… those with passion, talent, and a story to tell.

We are AWARE. We showcase what is being worn, placed and moved on-campus and on the streets. We curate resources that our members will find useful and thought-provoking.

We are EAGER. To learn more, grow more, and meet people we haven’t had contact with. We want to utilize the information we have received and display it in a captivating way.

We are here to connect, to share, to enlighten, and to inspire.

This is the student perspective on the fashion industry.
A new perspective. 
A NuView.


Logo by Juli Moran (@_theycallmejuli)