This is NOT a Thrifted Haul

Styling your Thrifted Treasures


As college students, we are all trying to spend less money on clothes we buy because let’s face it, we are a cliche of “broke college kids.” The problem though is not looking like we shopped in the discounted section at GoodWill. The editors at NuView accepted the challenge of looking much more elevated than our wallets allow by styling our thrifted finds to create unique looks that can easily be mimicked. Scroll below to discover new ways to style outfits without looking cheap!

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Styled by Rose Kuo, Taylar Gomez, Maia Wilson, Michaela Bull, Carolina Gonzalez, and Reilly Farris

Photographed by Michaela Bull

Words by Maia Wilson

Shoot Coordinated by Carolina Gonzalez


Find And Seek


We’re back in full force producing our final two issues of the semester and as I sit down to write this letter to our loyal readers I’ve realized that I’ve had time to reflect on a few occurrences that have happened to me and others who surround. It seems we have strayed from what we know and discovered a new or altered way of being.

It’s been a running joke amongst a few members of the NuView team that we are still learning how to have fun and be “normal” college students (i.e. sleeping in, going out, and focusing less on school and more on social lives). But our field of interest has so strongly enforced us to constantly be hungry for more and gain as much professional experience as we can while we’re young. Instead we have tried to challenge ourselves to balance both. During the semester thus far, we have found that one can still gain valuable experiences when doing activities that seem inefficient. See, sometimes people need a break from the constant structure to find greater creativity and drive. Just as we have come to understand this contrasting fact, others have redefined preconceived ideas in their careers, interests and everyday lives.

This month of March, NuView has comprised a collection of individuals in which we have conversated with and hope to have captured the essence of true juxtaposition. The idea of joining two unlike figures or thoughts into a concept has been reflected through Bailey Womack’s article on how levels of dress improving performance, our editors article of wearing thrift store clothes without looking thrifted, and an essay of the male perception of female dress. With the addition of a few new members to our energized and eager team, NuView magazine is ready to make an impact on you, our perspective readers.  
Another aspect of the magazine that we would like to introduce is our strides to create a more social community. The historic idea that “fashion people” are exclusive and uninviting is what we seek to avoid. Through our social media outlets (Twitter and Instagram) our goal is to showcase not only our internal talent, but also our viewers and their independent successes (#nuviewmag to be featured). Not only to bring people together virtually, but with our upcoming launch event we aim to create a physical place for the inspired and the inspiring to connect and potentially collaborate in the future. By enforcing all of these new and improved efforts to ultimately establish a lasting brand, I am confident in the skills each member of NuView has brought and will bring to this issue and the ones coming soon. Enjoy.


Photography by Michaela Bull

Styling by Maia Wilson

Modeling by Valerie Shea

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Clothes from Circa 77 Vintage

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